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Ewers Realty Group has over a decade of experience working with builders and developers throughout the process from initial planning to sell out. We would love to customize a plan based on the results you are seeking.

Planning and Design

We partner with builders and developers throughout the process from initial planning to sell out. We'd love to customize a plan to help you acheive the best results.

Market Research

Establish the target market, understand the challenges and position for greatest success.

Focus Groups

Learn what buyers and agents are looking for and test out new ideas or concepts.

Pricing Strategies

Understand how the planned product fits into the realities of a current or future market.

Product Mix

Ensure the correct mix of plans that will appeal to buyers while maximizing return on investment.

Architectural Review

Making sure the aesthetic is appealing to our market.

Floor Plan Review

Evaluating the way plans function and appealing to our target buyer.

Interior Finish Selections

Ensuring finishes are on trend with the likes of buyers while remaining timeless and broadly appealing.

Model Home Staging and Design

Working with a designer to ensure the best impression is made when a buyer enters a home or model.


We understand the power of marketing and designing an overall strategy with cohesive branding to present your product ahead of the competition. 


Creating a unique brand for your community that conveys what you are about. 



Ensuring visibility and a clear way for buyers to understand how to learn more.


Custom printed materials for your project, professionally designed and printed.


Custom built with easily accessible information and lead capture abilities.

Social Media

Campaigns for targeting and engaging buyers on the platforms they interact with most.


Customized online, social, print and creative strategies for increasing exposure.

Model Home

Comprehensive set up and management of model homes and sales centers.


Custom Marketing

Unique events tailored to specific audiences or objectives.


We generate results through the culmination of planning and marketing activities, managing the entire sales cycle from start to finish.

Pre-Sale Campaigns

Generating awareness and securing vital pre-sales in the early stages of a project.

On-Site Sales

Open houses and staffed sales hours to offer opportunities for buyers to interact with the homes.


Broker Outreach

Extensive networking and relationship building with the broker community to encourage referrals and positive client experiences.

Transaction Coordination

Managing communication between builder and buyer, minimizing stress and ensuring high levels of service to buyers.

Financing Coordination

Regular communication with lenders, pre-approvals and anticipating challenges that can cause delays or incur expenses.

Closing and Post Closing

Ensuring a seamless closing and post closing process resulting in happy homeowners likely to recommend. 

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